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"in the Pazo* where never freezes, its beauty chilled my soul"

Rosalía de Castro, 1884 

* Pazo:  Ancient word in Galician language used to describe the old manors,​

             normally from a noble origin.

A trip to your inner senses...




The Pazo do Faramello​ allows you to visit or customise your events in a spectacular setting, steeped in history and breathtaking natural beauty.

Hidden from the outside world, across its stone walls we will leave  behind any resonance other than the nature in its splendor, the constant murmur of the water will be our soundly companion from now on.

Ponds, swimming pools, fountains, canals, natural pools... the fusion of  rock and water transmits a unique spirituality and tells the story of the Manor House, a former paper mill, the best that was ever made in Galician land and as such the only that proudly wore the Royal Crown.

Enjoy the perfectly kept French nineteenth-century gardens spread across more than two hectares leaning out in terraces over a tiny canyon, pause at the edge of the crystalline river´s natural waterfalls wich borders the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), stroll through ancient vineyards dotted with more than 50 species of fruit trees that will bring you back lost flavors, admire the remains of the most legendary fort of the Celtic Queens, visit one of the eldest industrial mills in Galicia, lose yourself in an ancient stone chapel which altar was made by the same hands as those of the Great Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela... or just stop for a second over time and contemplate the world in its immense beauty.


​Around the Manor House, its ancient walls will welcome you in a  pure  baroque Compostelean style terrace... heraldic shields decorated with suns and moons will transmit the  unique  scent of a magical place.

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