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Itinerary of the guided tours at Pazo do Faramello,

last historical manor crossed by The Camino (Way of St. James)

The essence of Galicia to be discovered in one single Pazo


1. Reception of groups.

Descending by and ancient stone path down by the river canyon, surrounded by a magical centennial oak forest


* Pazo (Palace) :  Ancient word in Galician language used to describe the old manors,​

             normally from a noble origin.


2. Chapel of Cultural Interest, 1774, baroque altarpiece made by the Master Joseph Gambino, 16th Century Stone Cross of Cultural Interest. Beautiful Madonna sculpture in the purest Carrara marble (Florentine Baroque style, 1650)

3. Historical French gardens, 19th Century,

Stone Cross by 18th Century (declared of Cultural Interest). Roof gardens on top of the old paper factory.

4. Industrial mills of the first paper manufacturer in Galicia, 1714. The Real Fábrica


5. Walk the trails of the traditional Portuguese Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) by the river tiny falls crossing cherry trees and fluvial chestnuts forests Return to the Manor by a charming camellia walk by the river.


6. Magnificent Compostelan baroque style terrace. Japanese Plums forming an astonishing stone forest.

7. Nineteenth century  Fountain of Fertility in a garden surrounded by all kind of fruit  trees... pears, peaches, apples, figs, apricots, cherries, wild berries, plums that you can pick straight from the trees. The garden is crossed by the factory´s old stone canal making a stunning environment.

9. 18th Century Dam and waterfalls. One of the first industrial dams in the country. Dated from 1712, almost the Jurasic  in industrial terms... the place hides a traditional meditation rock for the pilgrins, dubbed the “The Innkeeper´s Tits”.

10. Cellar, Exhibition of painting and glass of wine tasting.


Reservations: (34) 675041555


Winter Time 2023:  12.00h and 17:00h

​​Special Tours for organized groups can be arranged

Estimated time: 1 hour, 25 min
Price: 12 € (Includes tour +  wine tasting)
Free for children under 12 yrs

Groups up to 50 pax



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